10 May 2010

Our Intranet

I'm on the new Intranet Task Force. It just occurred to me to seek some input here.

So, loyal readers, please give me your opinions on the following. If you aren't comfortable answering in comments, feel free to email me.

#1: What type of content would you like to see on the next-generation Intranet?

#2: How would you like the next-generation Intranet to be organized or arranged?

#3: What mistakes should we avoid in designing the next-generation Intranet?

#4: Do you, personally, create any content that you think should be available on the Intranet? (I'm thinking of those in-branch things that everyone has, like WST's invaluable index to the History Notes, or someone's really cool storytime templates.)

#5: Any other thoughts? Please share!

Thanks, everyone. I'll have a more entertaining blog post up soon.


librariesrock said...

I would like to have current news in our organization. For instance, the job announcements, minutes, agendas, P & P changes. It would be great to have them all in one place!

tk42 said...

I would adore a repository of storytime templates, particularly if they have short annotated booklists for those of use who don't have children.