24 February 2009


I see that it's becoming trendy to send email messages consisting of only a subject line, along with catchy little abbreviations like EOM (end of message), NRN (no reply necessary), and other (increasingly cryptic) variations.

(Here is a post that lists a good many of them; I'm sure there are similar lists elsewhere.)

I applaud the impulse to save time and effort. If I receive an email whose subject line says Got your request and sending item EOM, then I don't even have to open the message, which easily saves me a second or two. Those seconds add up; over the course of a BUSY work week, we could be talking whole minutes saved!

[Although I must deduct points from the staffer who ended a subject line with EOM (end of message) -- I mean, if you had time and room to type the phrase "end of message," why use the acronym at all?]

Anyway, in the interests of saving those valuable seconds, I offer the following list of email subject-line acronyms:

IID: It's In Delivery
IBIDFTWN: It's Been In Delivery For Three Weeks Now
FIIBOTHSAAA: Found It, It's Been On The Hold Shelf All Along
DIBITAHFSE: Discharged It But It Trapped A Hold For Someone Else
OIWIWDIDN: Ooops I Withdrew It, What Do I Do Now?
OITM: Order It Through Marina

SiP: Sirsi Problem
SaP: SAM Problem
SuP: Sunday Problem
SoP: Same Obnoxious Problem
SeP: Somebody Else's Problem

LITPAPM: Look In The Policies And Procedures Manual
TTTSHS: Then Try The Sirsi Help Sheets
ITIITCDM: I Think It's In The Collection Development Manual
MTEPM?: Maybe The Emergency Procedures Manual?
HYLOTI?: Have You Looked On The Intranet?
IGBOABOWOS: It's Gotta Be On A Blog Or Wiki Or Something
IKISIIAMTOW: I Know I Saw It In A Memo The Other Week
IWITMFSMOO: It Was In The Minutes From Some Meeting Or Other
NMIJCA Never Mind I'll Just Call Around

WYMUYCITL? Would You Mind Using Your Cellphone In The Lobby?
WYMUYCITNC? Would You Mind Using Your Cellphone In The Next County?
WYMFYCDTT? Would You Mind Flushing Your Cellphone Down The Toilet?
PPYPOSOV: Please Put Your Phone On Silent Or Vibrate
PPYCOSOV: Please Put Your Child On Silent Or Vibrate
PPYVOSOV: Please Put Your Voice On Silent Or Vibrate
PVSOOH Please Vibrate Silently Out Of Here

I've spent enough time on this; now I'll turn it over to y'all for more suggestions. EOM

PS: Oh, yes, the title: For Your Information, Reply At Leisure, Nor Reply necessary, Thank You, End Of Message

19 February 2009

Shady Character

Reginald Kenneth Dwight, a Shady Character

We're having a Forensics program on Tuesday the 24th. Today some of us dressed up to have our pictures taken so we can be suspects.

I'm not going to give away the solution to the crime...but if Reginald happens to visit you, you might want to count the silverware before he leaves.